Pre School

Shantivan Pre School program offers opportunities for children to explore and learn through a carefully designed methodology of the HighScope Curriculum called “active participatory learning”. This enables our young learners to achieve overall growth and development. Our preschool programs are engineered to help the children to explore and celebrate their learning abilities. Our trained staff support children to develop necessary skills in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment to seamlessly learn and grow.

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Story Session

Story of a Lion and Mouse. Children will explore concepts, new words, and a new experience with the classic story. Key developments here will be social and emotional development and language, literacy, and communication.

Art Studio

Art expression is literacy! This art class is dedicated to hands-on Creative experiences & artistic expression. The program exposes children to a variety of materials & mediums, allowing them to make connections to the world around them through visual references, color, shape, size, pattern, line of composition...

Dance Class

Dance/ Ballet Class Dance is literacy! The fusion of art, music, exercise & movement makes our dance program special. Classes allow preschoolers to develop fine & gross motor skills while having fun. These classes will help children to appreciate love for dancing at a young age.They will learn to use their bodies to express themselves, creating self-expression through movement.