Welcome to Shantivan Kiddie Convent

It's a New Branch Of Shantivan Group

It gives us great joy to welcome you and your child to the ever growing Shantivan Kiddie Convent Family. Join us on this amazing tour to know the excitement, wonders and learning experiences that await your child at Kiddie Convent everyday.

Our Philosphy

It's not about drilling a set of facts into kids. Essentially, it means that children are introduced to concepts in a fun, engaging way, using all fine senses to learn.
Shantivan Kiddie Convent says that the Pre-school teacher are actively teaching kids to read and write; they are merely laying the ground work more advance skill Shantivan Kiddie Convent introduce Phonemic awareness and sound letter recognition, the understanding that each letter makes its an sound. Kiddie says by the time they go to kindergarten they recognized their written name and the letters of the alphabet and they are already associating sound with them.

Children grow letter learning in the academic year to follow direction share and take turn. "Most important they have a positive attitude toward school."


Students at Shantivan Kiddie Convent will become responsible and caring citizens who will develop positive relationships with others, Shantivan Kiddie Convent students are active learners and self-motivated to achieve success spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Shantivan is leading in Education area about 17 years of expertise in early childhood care and education. We have many branches in Agra affiliated with CBSE and UP Board. The Executive function skill help them with a story foundation for success in school and life. We create and learning space by implementing creative and innovative teaching methods. Utilizing quality teaching material and following the natural time table.


It is our mission at Shantivan Kiddie Convent School to provide a quality education that promotes the plains perspective. We inspire hope to ensure students believe in themselves and their future. We are committed to providing students, families and community is support and guidance by providing engaging and meaningful Learning opportunities.